Todd Kumpf

Todd Kumpf

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First Name * Todd
Last Name * Kumpf
Username * toddfx
Country * USA
City Chicago


Availability: Freelance


My introduction to 3D Studio Max during a computer aided drafting class in 2002 changed the direction of my life. I was immediatly captivated by the power of the software, realizing the endless possibilities it offers. As I continued to learn and experiment with the software, I became so motivated by the ability to create anything I want that I decided to turn this hobby into a career. In December of 2008, I completed the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics program at The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. With the knowledge and experience I had coming into the school, I was able to maximize my productivity and exceed expectations. Throughout my studies, I was driven by ambition to produce a professional level of image quality.

I like to think of visual effects as a creative portal into reality; the visualization of ones imagination; the ability to transend what we believe to be possible. What can't be done in the real world can be done relatively effortlessly by the visual effects artist. The job of a digital artist is to leave the audience questioning reality, suspending their belief of what is real.

Much of the inspiration that powers the CG industry is drawn from our desire to create an artificial reality. Television media, film, and video games all aim to remove you from your living room and take you somewhere you may not have been before. With this in mind, the future of entertainment lies on the shoulders of those responsible for creating these captivating illusions.

It is my goal to be part of this progression by joining a team of artists working collaboratively to produce feature film quality graphics.